“When going through something as emotional and difficult as a divorce and subsequent termination of parental rights, the professional you choose to represent you is paramount. I was told by a family member to ‘not discount shop on the fight of my life’ when researching divorce attorneys. This advice resonated. Bill De La Garza & Associates was the only option to represent me and protect my child. Bill, Teal and their team possess not only the skill but also the desire to provide the best legal service(s) attainable. I had the pleasure of using this firm again for my daughter’s legal adoption. Teal de la Garza went above and beyond what was necessary in order to have my daughter’s Adoption final prior to her attending Kindergarten with her ‘forever last name.’ Being a partner with your attorney, while allowing them to do the job you hired them for will pay for itself not only in peace of mind, but in the outcome of your case. Saying ‘thank you’ will never be enough.” – A.A.

To whom it may concern:

My first experience with Bill De La Garza was in the Courtroom when he represented my first wife in our divorce. After that litigation, I vowed he’d never again be on the other side in any future domestic disputes that I might have. He’s been my lawyer ever since.

Nothing is more personal than divorce. In the past year, I had the unfortunate occasion to use Bill’s services again. I had a mistaken view of my side of the situation, due to some bad information, but Bill had the courage to tell me the truth. He proceeded methodically to evaluate the case, the circumstances, and the witnesses, all the while, understanding that expense was indeed a concern of mine.

For many reasons, I felt that it would be best that I have custody of my four year old son. In confidence, Bill said to me…”I want to win this case for you so badly. It is not just because you are my client, but because it is just. This child needs you. You will properly care for him. I want what is best for the child.” At the end of the trial, during which Bill was incredibly efficient, effective and convincing, with tears in all our eyes, including Bill’s, the Judge awarded custody of my four year old son to me!

Because I have seen good representation and in many instances bad representation, it is my firm belief that Bill De La Garza is the finest divorce attorney in the state of Texas, if not the entire U.S. Outcomes may not be guaranteed, but justice is more accessible to you when he is representing you.

Very truly yours,

(name withheld)

People tell you when the time comes, “You need a good lawyer.” I want to say, “What you need is a great lawyer.” For us, when we needed legal help for our family, Kimberly Levi is the name we were given. From the beginning, we were impressed with her professionalism and compassion. She is smart and driven and was totally focused on us. As our case progressed, we learned that Kimberly is an amazing trial lawyer. Because of her preparation, grace under pressure and desire to do the right thing, we were able to keep our family together. For that, we are eternally grateful. Kimberly will always be a part of our family.

Gordon & Colleen, Sugar Land, TX

“Your firm performed most efficiently and with respect to both me and my ex. Though divorce was never the intent of my marriage, you and Bill supported me throughout this event. I give my highest recommendations to your team. Thank you both for a job well done!”


“The servitude that Teal has put forth as an Amicus Attorney for my son surpassed my expectations. An adoption case can be a scary thing for a young mother, but Teal de la Garza assured me that as an Amicus Attorney for my son, the outcome serving his best interest was definite. Teal educated me on every process, and my trust in her service magnified. Teal’s commitment did not end after the final ruling. Teal continued to assist me with final documents and paperwork; something that my hired attorney should have handled. I cannot say ‘Thank you’ enough to Teal de la Garza and her team for helping our family become one.”